An Inspirational Fan Email From Julius

I love getting fan mail like this! Julius is a great example of being able to triumph over adversity. 

Book was great ! I felt like I was with you. I was one of those guys that just did what my parents told me to.

Having been hit by a car and lost my right leg when I was 7 they were overly protective. Understandable …

I have always loved bikes but did not get up the nerve to go get one till I was 35. I am now 67 and have a Harley Road Glide Ultra. I am envious of people like yourself that knew what they wanted that early in life. I thought I did but that is a different story. I am in business for myself now and love it.

I just feel that I missed so much not getting a bike 40 years ago, but that is life and not to worry over. I feel that I get to pick up what I missed by reading books like yours.

Thanks again.


After responding to Julius, he sent the following:

It really frustrates me that the first thing many people do is try and find 50 reasons something can’t be done.

Most people are very surprised when they learn that I have an artificial leg. 

Maybe we will get to meet some time.


You’re an inspiration, Julius!


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